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BrakeRite II

Electric Brakes


BrakeRite II

Designed for severe duty applications using external control modules for specific applications. Control modules have plug-in weather sealed connectors.

Titan has been a pioneer in the Electro Hydraulic Brake (EHB) actuator industry beginning in the early 90's.

In the new millennium Titan developed and tested the BrakeRite EHB that was introduced early in 2002.


The features of the BrakeRite II include:

  • First in the field with an electronic proportional pressure valve
  • The most rapid response from brake actuation to total dynamic braking in the industry
  • Hybrid electronic control board compatible with most in-cab brake controllers
  • On-going in plant performance testing and each production unit is bench tested
  • Research and development is the "norm" at Titan
  • Pump/motor based
  • Isolated fluid reservoir with diaphragm type valve filler cap